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Horsebridge key in Adaptit partnership for Vodafone synchronisation data capture audit and consultancy project.

May 8, 2015   //  

Horsebridge have been selected to audit and consult into Vodafone throughout Europe to test the quality and configuration of Syncronisation, SyncE and 1588v2 in the first stage of the European wide optimisation and consultancy project to assist Vodafone through the difficult task of next generation network transition.

Due to the complex nature of  legacy to next generation synchronisation transitioning,  Vodafone Europe were looking for an organisation to engage with, not only with up to date SyncE and 1588 next generation experience, including testing, designing and optimising, but also a company that could relate back to the legacy, standard, synchronisation distribution and the integration of both.

Horsebridge have  spent the past 5 months travelling throughout Europe gathering data for the first phase of the required works, this partnership is viewed to be ongoing and will exponentially gather size and momentum.

Horsebridge offer an unrivaled range of services to match their vast experience across all aspects of Synchronisation, from hardware through to support services, network planning, auditing and consultancy including the use and supply of their own in house bespoke network planning software tool, Sync Architect. Our expertise covers most ranges of hardware covering SDH, Sync E and 1588v2, for further information please feel free to contact Horsebridge via the contacts page.

Horsebridge Time and Frequency Reference Systems

May 1, 2015   //  

Horsebridge are working with NATO through Selex ES Ltd for the supply, installation and functional testing of 5no. TFRS (Time and Frequency Reference Systems) units.

Each Timing, Frequency & NTP distribution unit has been installed throughout various NATO Satellite Ground Stations in Saudi Arabia, and overall builds together their Satellite Communications Network.

BP Sonatrach

May 1, 2015   //  

Horsebridge were awarded the contract with BP Sonatrach to upgrade their SDH network from STM1 to STM16 in country at In Amenas Algeria.

The BP Sonatrach Algeria Team have attended our Horsebridge Head Office Facility in Cheltenham for comprehensive training on the design and equipment operation, this enables the Customer to manage their network after the installation and upgrade from Horsebridge.


The purpose of the project is to enable BP to transport large amounts of Ethernet traffic between and around the Oil & Gas fields at In Amenas.