Client Testimonials

Here are just a few of the responses from our customers about our products and our service.

Product Supply, Implementation, Support and Training

“We have been a customer of Horsebridge for a number of years receiving a variety of services including training, implementation support and product supply. Horsebridge have recently undertaken an upgrade on the synchronisation equipment within our network, as part of our ongoing network upgrade project. Throughout the deployment the Horsebridge team were professional and extremely adaptable towards any issues that arose. The end result has been the successful rollout and upgrade of our sychronisation network enabling us to continue the ongoing development of service provision to our customers”
Head of Network Transmission
O2 Ireland

Consultancy, Evaluation and Testing Services

“Any future migration to packet-based mobile backhaul will inevitably raise the issue of the provision of accurate timing information to base stations. Horsebridge’s knowledge and experience of network synchronisation techniques is proving very valuable to Vodafone in their assessment of the available options. Our collaboration with Horsebridge’s team of specialist consultants is ensuring that we understand the benefits, drawbacks and cost implications of each solution.”
Principle Research Engineer

Consultancy, Product Development and Supply

“WiMAX networks issues can often stem from poor synchronisation — networks tend to be synchronised at the core, but not at the edge. As the industry experts in this space, Horsebridge were highly responsive to our needs by offering one of the first cost-effective carrier class solutions for enabling accurate data transmission across the entire metropolitan area. Through this partnership we will be able to ensure quality of service across the network while reducing the risk of any service interruptions to customers from interference.”
President of Marketing and Product Management
Airspan Networks


Synchronisation Theory and Equipment Training

“The content structure was appropriate to our requirements. The course content was clearly explained and the training staff knew the subject deeply, hence the synchronisation knowledge was strengthened, even for the more experienced participants. The practical part of the training was very useful as it focused on real case scenarios and our customers network. The overall rate for the training is very good, however I must say that for some people it was excellent.”
MUX/WDM Support Manager

Consultancy, Product Supply and Training

“We have purchased Horsebridge Sync Architect and undertaken training from Horsebridge for the product and Synchronisation Network Planning. Through their varied skills and knowledge base of Synchronisation and transmission equipment alike, Horsebridge were able to provide comprehensive Training giving Kazakhtelecom the confidence and ability to undertake network planning utilising exclusively the Sync Architect Network Planning Tool. We fully intend to utilise products and services provided by Horsebridge in the future.”
Chief Executive Officer

Transmission Network Support Services

“The network support services provided by Horsebridge have always been first class. Their dedication to the customer and high levels of competence has ensured that ntl has received the highest quality service at all times. Horsebridge command a great deal of respect within Operations which, in my view, is well deserved.”
Optical Network Support Manager -
Virgin Media


Technical Support Services

“I have found that the services provided by Horsebridge have at all times been of the highest standards, their attention to detail and genuine willingness to help the customer are, I find, a pleasant surprise in these days of take the money and run.” “I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any potential customer.”
Principle Engineer
Cable and Wireless



Consultancy, Product Supply, Deployment and Support

“We have worked very closely with Horsebridge for a number of years and continue to experience the highest level of pre- and post sales support. With their varied skills and knowledge base, Horsebridge are able to provide a totally joined up solution from the design stage through implementation to after sales support, giving Jersey Telecom the confidence that projects will run smoothly and within agreed timeframes. Furthermore, Horsebridge’s team of technical experts is highly responsive to our urgent needs enabling us to focus on our daily core business requirements.”
Transmission and Access Manager
Jersey Telecom

Turnkey Services

“Horsebridge from receipt of PO, to link live, within took 2 working days, new provide would have been too costly to enable this scheme to be deployed. The Horsebridge equipment was similar in price to a standard deployment, however the true benefit is that there are no ongoing operational costs.
Based on traffic stats from the event, Vodafone recovered the cost of the deployment from this one event alone.”
Special Events Manager
Vodafone UK


Consultancy, Product Supply, Deployment and Support
“Tegra Tech Communications is one of the UK’s leading radio integration company’s who primary business is in the provision of extended network connectivity for triple play services to a wide ranging customer base. Tegra Tech has been able to enjoy growing success because of the exploitation of newer, more cost effective and innovative technologies. Horsebridge has been a substantial driver in providing Tegra Tech with radio products that are at the forefront of their class. Horsebridge is not only paving the way in radio technology, but has also shown their ability to react immediately in the creation of tailored solutions for retiming older and more tired technologies. Steve Mills, Sales Director, Tegra Tech, comments, “Horsebridge has given me the confidence to stand up and commit to my customers in the full knowledge that the technology on offer will cope with their demands for today and further increase productivity for tomorrow. The Horsebridge promise to deliver leadingradio products has been delivered time and time again”
Sales Director Tegra Tech

Product Supply, Implementation and Support

“I would be very happy to work with Horsebridge again in the future and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend their services”
Head of IT Infrastructure and Services
Bristol University