Quality Standards

Quality Assurance can mean a host of different things to different people. At Horsebridge we aim to apply a quality focused approach to everything we do.
While quality is everyone’s business, we also have a small team of dedicated quality professionals who take a leading role in developing successful processes and quality strategies and encourage effective application of those processes throughout the company.

People are Fundamental to our Success

Sharing knowledge and experience is a critical success factor and the working environment at Horsebridge is designed to encourage commitment, self-discipline, good communication and diligence as well as creativity, motivation, innovation and inspiration. No matter how good the processes, people count. Continuous improvement underlies everything we do.
Ours is a culture of change – we seek to be the first, the best, the most efficient and we expect nothing to stand still! Continuous questioning of our own methods, our standards and our processes is the norm and we expect to bring the benefit of that to our customers.

Company Controls

A Horsebridge priority, regarding quality management, is ensuring all company activities are well controlled, i.e. comprehensively planned and monitored and that prompt action is taken where necessary to prevent or remedy problems.
This applies not only to work directly focused on the customer but also internal support functions essential to the smooth running of projects.
The quality management system ensures control and performance measurements are suitable and appropriate in all cases and provide a strong framework which can be applied flexibly to ensure best fit to particular projects and circumstances.
Risk is the standard benchmark against which judgment must be made and the aim is always to provide the best working balance.
Our environmental management system certified to internationally accepted ISO 14001 standard sets out how you can go about putting in place an effective Environmental Management System (EMS).

Horsebridge Accreditation

Horsebridge holds the following internationally recognised accreditation

For more information on each accreditation and to view the certification please click on the relevant image above.