Galway Bay Cabled Observatory

Apr 30, 2015   //  

Horsebridge Journeys to the Bottom of the Sea……

Galway Bay Cabled Observatory

Horsebridge and Bridgeworx are working exclusively with Texcel Technologies to design, build, and deploy a fast optical Ethernet network to provide scientific services in the study to develop a national test and demonstration facility for marine energy and technology at an ocean energy test site in Spiddal County Galway.

The proposed Ocean Energy Test Bed will be deployed at the existing ¼-scale ocean energy test site and consists of:

  • Shore station interface at Spiddal Bay, Galway
  • Telecommunications cable between the  shore station and the wave energy test site providing power and data connectivity
  • Subsea test and monitoring platforms.
  • Floating sea station platform

The site will be used for the purposes of testing, demonstrating and validation of renewable energy devices and marine environmental sensors and technologies.

The cable will be installed in 2015 using the Marine Institute’s research vessel the R.V. Celtic Explorer and will come ashore at Spiddal Pier.

Marine instruments and sensors can be brought to the test site and plugged into dedicated science ports on the observatory. They can use power from the observatory or use internal power as desired; they can use the observatory’s data facilities or use internal data storage for posterior analysis, as deemed more suitable for the test and validation scenarios.

Smart Bay Ireland will be managing the network using Bridgeworx’ “Espy II” network management system, which enables visibility and management of the shore station, subsea node and interconnected scientific equipment allowing the test bed to be studied by the wider scientific community.

Galway Bay




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