Traditionally focused on fixed and mobile telecom network operators the convergence of technologies and increase in the widespread use of communications networks and infrastructure has led to our markets developing and solution deployment into other sectors where we have delivered solutions for various applications.

Defence and Government

We provide communication solutions enabling effective operations for Military, National Security, Local Government and “blue light” emergency services.

Utilising the best of today’s commercial technology to meet the most stringent operational demands. We enable accurate and reliable communications solutions for organisations tasked with safeguarding national security, saving lives and protecting property.


We provide flexible solutions, for the specific needs of every type of enterprise organisation.

Whether an Educational, Healthcare, Finance, Public Sector or Hospitality organisation.

We can provide Unified Communications solutions to grow your business and optimise your operational effectiveness and efficiency.


Telecom operators face a major challenge to offer reliable multi-play services voice, data and video, for both business and residential customers in an increasingly competitive market.

We provide carrier-grade, reliable and future-proof converged telecom solutions that fulfil those exact needs for public fixed and mobile telecom operators, OEMs and ISPs..

Transport and Utilities

Transport and Utility network providers have a primary requirement for communications systems to enable communications, monitoring capabilities, real-time control and high speed Internet access in order to improve their infrastructure and provide safe, more reliable and secure services.

The same providers are also uniquely placed with their geographical coverage to diversify and provide communication network services.

Our solutions provide the choices they need to achieve their diverse communications networking goals.