The correct commissioning of individual equipment to complete solutions is imperative to ensure their correct operation, adherence to regulations and provide maximum return on investment.
Horsebridge provides multi-vendor commissioning services to network operators, OEMs as well as corporate and public sector organisations.

The competence of our commissioning teams’ in the latest standards, practices and manufacturer’s recommendations is continually enhanced by an exhaustive training program at our in-house training facility.

As a result Horsebridge continue to develop a great depth of multi-vendor communication solution commissioning knowledge. Testing and Commissioning of equipment is a critical stage in the deployment process which Horsebridge attaches great importance to.

We draw on our resources of high-precision test and measurement tools to assess various technical aspects of the project in line with manufacturer’s recommendations, industry regulations and customer requirements.

Horsebridge Experience
Our commissioning teams have experience in working with the following technologies:

  • 2G / 2.5G / 3G
  • ATM
  • DCN
  • Frame Relay
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • IP / VoIP
  • PDH
  • Radio
  • RF
  • SDH
  • Wireless networking
  • XDSL (e.g. ADSL / SDSL / HDSL / VDSL)

Operational Environments

Horsebridge commissioning teams have experience in undertaking commissioning work in a variety of environments.
Typical examples are:-

  • Switch / transmission, POP(Point Of Presence) and exchange sites
  • External nodes Internal rooms
  • Customer premises
  • Street side cabinets
  • Repeater sites
  • LAN / WAN environments
  • Mobile base stations and masts
  • Collocation / hosting sites

Quality Assurance

Consistent efforts are made at each step to deliver a quality project. Commissioning is the final stage of the process when undertaken as part of an overall project or as a bespoke service.

The completion of commissioning initiates a review of the project quality and adherence to technical specifications as detailed within appropriate scope of work documents and manufacturers recommendations.