Project Management

In order to ensure successful project delivery and completion with the most effective use of resources, Horsebridge will take responsibility for managing all aspects of an implementation project. We can manage the planning, implementation, installation and training on every solution available from our portfolio.

In addition to the provision of project management our project management team can be subcontracted to oversee and manage the implementation of projects involving our customer’s third party equipment.

The Horsebridge project management process has a proven track record of successfully resolving many technical and logistical issues before they become customer satisfaction issues. Horsebridge assigns a Project Manager to coordinate resources both within Horsebridge and from outside vendors to meet the customer needs of each specific project.

The Project Manager is responsible for developing, integrating and communicating project plans to all parties, ensuring that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined. They also obtain commitment from all parties involved, including customers, internal and external partners.

Project Scope and Design

Proper system design is the first critical step in a successful implementation. The Project Manager is engaged early in the sales cycle and works closely with the customer and Horsebridge’s System Engineers and configuration specialists to determine the project requirements.
The Project Manager develops the communication between the customer’s key contacts and any other vendors associated with the implementation.

Commencement of Project Delivery

The Project Manager coordinates a project initiation meeting to engage all responsible parties and identify key issues and objectives for the project. The following objectives will be identified and discussed at this meeting:
Introductions and exchange of contact information from all parties involved
Discussion of equipment configuration, location, network interconnection, and cabling requirements
Discussion of any third-party product integration and/or customisation
Develop the implementation schedule, milestones, and dates
Establish an agreement to adhere to standards for wiring, installation processes, extension numbering, training and escalation processes
Identify and assign responsibility for each task to be accomplished
Document any customer questions, concerns and additional needs

Project Plan

The Master Project Plan includes all requisite scopes of work summary, contact lists, task/responsibility matrix, milestone charts and any other specific documentation of the project.
The Master Project Plan is updated electronically and distributed to involved parties on a scheduled basis. The Project Manager assumes responsibility for measuring the project adherence to the schedule and addresses any deviations that arise.

Project Roll Out

During the course of the project the project manager will provide updates of progress against the defined key milestones to the customer.
Where necessary, and dependent upon the scope of the project interim project review meetings will be held.

Project Completion

Upon completion of the project the project manager co-ordinates the delivery of all completion documentation to the customer as appropriate. This may include, project sign offs, commissioning and testing documentation and certification support information and other supporting documentation as required.

Where required a formal project closure meeting to review project performance will be undertaken as part of Horsebridge quality management system and feedback policy.