Remote Management

Horsebridge offers a range remote communication network management services responding to the growing demand for flexible out-tasked management of network infrastructures. Delivered from Horsebridge Technical Assistance Center (TAC), Horsebridge Network Management services can provide 24×7 proactive monitoring, end-to-end management of network problems and detailed performance reporting. Our monitoring provides a centralised view into the health, performance and security of networks we manage.

We understand that a customer’s need for, and propensity to buy, out-sourced network management services varies according to several considerations including:

  • Networks role relative to business objectives
  • Budgetary constraints
  • Existing In-house skills and resource gaps
  • Criticality of business applications supported by the network infrastructure
  • Complexity and health of the network

Horsebridge’s Network Management services offer flexibility of choice to best align Horsebridge service expertise with our customer’s in-house capabilities and resources, while reducing the overall cost of network operations.

Several factors are contributing to the appeal of network management out-tasking as an alternative to building, maintaining and operating an in-house solution:

Need for Skills and Expertise
An in-house 24×7 network management operation requires employing trained network engineers and support specialist working in teams around the clock. Finding, training and retaining this staff is difficult, as is the challenge of keeping up with continuous changes in technology.

Need for Process Automation and Discipline
Hiring qualified, trained and certified networking professionals is only part of the challenge. Their efficiency depends on the quality of the processes they follow to detect, respond to and resolve network problems. The development, implementation and integration of advanced process automation and the internal process discipline required of the staff to respond rapidly, efficiently and consistently to network incidents is an insurmountable challenge for most in-house operations.

Need to Reduce IT Operational Expenditure (OPEX)
Companies of all sizes are under pressure to reduce their levels of OPEX spending. OPEX budgets are more closely tied to business and financial objectives and consequently require ROI justification. Building in-house capabilities is a costly proposition requiring significant investment in technology, people, training, integration and ongoing operations. The financial benefits of effective network management also include reduced maintenance cost through dispatch reduction and improvement in overall health and performance of the network.

Cost of Poor Network Performance
The impact of network downtime is a multi-faceted issue not confined merely to financial cost. Its full impact includes:

  • Productivity – number of employees affected, times the duration of downtime, times the burdened hourly rate
  • Revenue – direct loss, future loss, investment loss, billing loss
  • Financial Performance – revenue recognition, cash flow, payment guarantees, credit rating, stock price
  • Damaged Reputation – among customers, suppliers, financial markets, banks, business partners

WHY Horsebridge?

Full Service Offering
When combined with other areas of our end to end service portfolio, dependant on customers own in house capabilities,services, our network management services provides a holistic view into the performance, health & security of the entire network infrastructure. Full coverage means Horsebridge can be the single-point-of-contact for all out-tasked operations and can provide greater efficiencies & communications between departments resulting in reduced operations costs.

Service Integration
Horsebridge provides integration of OSS, service delivery and service management as well as integration of analysis and reporting across all components of a customer’s communications network infrastructure.

Process Automation
Horsebridge Technical Assistance Center (TAC) is staffed with network, systems and support experts who monitor and protect the customer’s infrastructure on a 24×7 basis. ISO 9002 processes and procedures ensure rapid response to, and resolution of network incidents.

Rapid Deployment and Low Predictable Cost
Customers can acquire a fully operational out-tasked managed network solution that complements internal technical and support resources for an affordable and predictable monthly fee. The Horsebridge new customer introduction process ensures the rapid implementation of the solution.

Operations Efficiency / Metrics of Excellence

  • Automated problem detection, ticket generation and resolution initiation
  • Reduced Mean Time to Action (MTTA) across all customers under management.
  • Reduced Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) for all network events and alarms resolved against defined severity level resolution timescales.
  • Increase in problems resolved without dispatch of manpower, logistcal and spares.
  • Reduction in average failures per device


Accelerated ROI
Horsebridge efficiency and effectiveness agaist mutually defined performance metrics contribute directly to an accelerated ROI through:

  • Minimized impact of network incidents.
  • Maximum availability of the infrastructure and applications that depend on it.
  • Capital cost avoidance and reduction in spending, including operational and physical maintenance.