Resale, Recycling and Redeployment

In many instances, network operators still have volumes of idle and/or sub-optimised equipment. This equipment may not have been deployed as planned, or possibly was removed from service due to an equipment upgrade. This equipment costs the network operator money to hold on to, it makes no viable contribution to the bottom line – but still has to be reflected in the company balance sheet.

The buying and selling of pre-owned and refurbished equipment is now becoming more recognised amongst most of the world’s major networks.

Today, operators around the world have experienced firsthand the savings that can be made by re-using equipment from the secondary market.

Based on the above Horsebridge offer the following:

Equipment Recovery and Redeployment

  • We undertake planned recovery of equipment and where required redeployment, maximizing your return from original capital investment
  • A key advantage is the service frees up space, power and air conditioning resources all saving you hard cash
  • If the equipment requires storage we always identify the most cost effective route of doing so. Where equipment requires disposal our methods follow in line with manufacturers recommendation
  • Resale of Equipment
  • We offer a comprehensive second hand equipment sourcing function used by many of the major operators
  • Where commissioned we offer to test and evaluate sourced equipment ensuring it isî fit for purpose
  • Installation and commissioning can be carried out at your request by our engineering field force
  • We act as supply brokers looking at all possible worldwide acquisition / disposal avenues
  • To aid in the acquisitions we offer favorable Purchase finance options.
  • Safe in the knowledge that we carry out disposal methods in line with manufacturers recommendations at certified sites

Equipment Disposal

  • Improper disposal of hazardous material, such as lead, mercury, and PVC plastics, can result in legal action.
  • All Horsebridge’s asset recovery practices are in conformance with applicable local legislation and regulations to protect us, and you from liability (offering Certificate of disposal for applicable assets).
  • By assisting customers with removal of their surplus inventory, and in most cases extending the life cycle of the products, we provide sensible, and environmentally sound methods for product disposal and asset management