Service Level Agreements

Horsebridge provide support contracts defined by Service level Agreements (SLAs) in order provide our customers with a comprehensive support resource and single point of contact for their communication network support requirements.

Service Level Agreements are fundamental to both Horsebridge and the recipients of Horsebridge’s services. They define the terms of engagement – the rules that will govern the relationship.

Horsebridge provides support contracts directly to end users and also provides specialist support services for equipment manufactures and network operators for their end users.

Requirement for Support Contracts
Organisational internal knowledge and support for communication network systems does not always form part of many organisations core business or operational requirements. Therefore knowledge and advice relating to communication network systems can become fragmented, with a multitude of internal and external organisational support contacts and technical channels.
The effectiveness of the organisation and its operational efficiency are compromised. Further technical issues can easily arise owing to interaction between products on the same network, updates, evolution, and change of the network itself, with which these support channels are ill equipped to deal.

Horsebridge Experience
A service level agreement from Horsebridge provides our customers with a single point of contact for all support issues. All support calls and queries can be directed to Horsebridge in the first instance, since it is likely in most cases that our training and experience will allow us to answer most of the customer’s questions and queries immediately.
If we cannot provide a response to any issues which are raised, Horsebridge will raise the problems with the appropriate vendors and manage any issues which may arise as a result. By adopting this strategy, we can ensure that all support issues are monitored and resolved in the quickest possible timeframe with the least disruption to our clients possible.

Appropriate Support Levels
Horsebridge believe that it is essential that the service level agreement is appropriate.
Horsebridge Service Level Agreements are designed around core modules identified as requirements through the knowledge and experience Horsebridge have gained through close working relationships and understanding of its customers.

The modules are based around the range of services available from Horsebridge.

The modules can be combined and tailored to provide each customer with a support contract which meets the unique demands of their own network operations.

For example response times to requests for technical support, mobilisation time for on site engineering support etc can all be defined to meet customer specific requirements.

Where requirements are not met by the standard modules Horsebridge are committed to working with the customer to provide a solution.

The information contained within the Service Level Agreement defines key areas including:

  • Service definition and response times
  • Performance tracking
  • Problem management and escalation
  • Fees, expenses and payment terms
  • Customer duties and obligations
  • Warranties and remedies
  • Security
  • Legal compliance
  • Termination


Horsebridge Quality
To maintain the quality of the support services provided and ensure customer satisfaction Horsebridge monitor the performance of their services against the levels defined within the service level agreement.
Each request for support is issued a unique identifying reference number. All requests and subsequent actions relating to it are logged and recorded on a central database and linked to this reference.

Whilst providing a resolution to the issue raised Horsebridge maintain a status level indication of the issue until resolution is completed.

The performance data is collated by a dedicated support manager responsible for the support agreement. The information extracted from this data is presented by Horsebridge to their client at regular intervals, defined within the service level agreement.

The review contains key features:

Review of Service Utilisation
This is initiated with a simple break down of support utilisation. It identifies each instance of utilisation and the modules defined within the Service Level Agreement which have been utilised in its resolution. Its aim is to provide a simplistic view of services utilised throughout the review period.

Further more detailed review is presented which analyses the utilisation of the services provided. Utilisation is initially categorised by the severity of impact on the normal operation of the customer’s network. This information is presented for each period of utilisation to enable an immediate visual trend analysis to be undertaken.

Recommendations and Feedback
Horsebridge provide feedback on trends and black spots observed within the communication network operation and recommendations and proposals of how these may be addressed.

Relevant Product and Technology Updates
Horsebridge provide information on relevant new and updated product, service and technology updates.

Customer Feedback
Horsebridge’s goal is to ensure that the services provided meet the customer’s requirements and expectations. In order to achieve this Horsebridge actively seek customer feedback on performance and adjustments required for improvement.