Technical Support (24×7)

Horsebridge technical support teams are fully-qualified in a broad range of communication systems and networks, hardware, operating systems and software. The support consists of both an internal telephone support team and an on-site support team.

We currently provide technical support services throughout the UK and Europe for Network Operators, equipment manufacturers, corporate and public sector clients.

Horsebridge Experience
We hold a high pedigree in the area of support services and boast a comprehensive range of cost-effective and reliable technical solutions, in terms of affordability, support coverage, expertise, experience, previous track record and our impressive existing client base.
The Horsebridge technical services team will ensure that your communications system enhances your business and develops as your company grows, ensuring both your users and your customer’s needs are met.

Service Delivery
Our services are provided both directly and through OEM partners who have a requirement to provide specialist skills and knowledge from within the Horsebridge portfolio.

Technical Assistance Center
We have a dedicated support service which can provide technical support up to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from Horsebridge’s Technical Assistance Center (TAC).
This provides you with an immediate interface to Horsebridge’s experienced, technical experts, mobilisation of onsite support engineers and dispatch of spares

Technical Support Engineers
Once a case is logged, a Horsebridge technical support engineer (TSE) works with you from the initial incident through to its complete resolution.
Horsebridge technical support engineers (TSE) can deliver remote support via phone, e-mail or remote diagnostic tools for diagnosis and resolution of communication system issues and system outages.

Fault Management and Resolution
Our technical support engineers will proactively work with you in order resolve case issues and inquire about case status updates.

Horsebridge ensures hassle-free fault resolution through:

  • Clearly defined workflow processes
  • Documenting and tracking the progress of each case
  • Unique identification reference for each call
  • Integrated support systems
  • On-line product documentation and manuals

Because scenarios and their resolutions are recorded, technical support personnel are able to utilise literally years of experience in dealing with support issues within the technical support database.

Members of our consulting team also provide technical support. Much of this is geared towards method-oriented and project-specific assistance.
In addition to these resources Horsebridge have the full backing, support and escalation mechanisms with all of the manufactures of the products and solutions Horsebridge provide, ensuring that only the correct and up to date product information is supplied.