Evaluation and Testing

Within the communications market there is increasing pressure to launch new products and services. Speed to market and reducing time for return on investment is critical but, with customers growing ever more demanding, launching without effective testing can cause disaster. Communications technology products work in an environment of increasing complexity and they need to operate with a combination of efficiency and effectiveness. A systematic approach to testing is required in order to reveal any issues which may occur during actual operating conditions and environments quickly and reliably, and help you plan ahead.

Horsebridge is able to utilise one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated communications technology research and design facilities. The test laboratories available can mirror fully the complexity of a multi-vendor public communications network, running multiple transport protocols for both fixed and mobile services. This deep capability means that we can test against the rigors of a real working environment, without the kind of operational disruption that field testing would ordinarily entail.

Horsebridge are able to offer product and service test and evaluation services for companies across the communications industry, including equipment suppliers, fixed and mobile network operators, application developers, service providers and large-scale technology users. Because we offer a unique combination of technology knowledge and business insight, we can provide testing beyond simple issues of technology performance to explore factors like business viability and environmental sustainability.

Horsebridge Capabilities

Whether you need to analyse the potential performance or commercial benefits of a technology solution in a particular market, look at environmental impact, or show due diligence in making a major technology investment, Horsebridge can help.

Our expertise embraces almost every aspect of the communications business – from local loop to international backbone, transmission to switching, fixed to mobile, network to application.

We can look at almost every kind of communications and online product, hardware or software, network or application.

Horsebridge can provide feedback on early prototypes, including operational insight into ways in which they may be used and the value they may offer.

We can check pre-production versions of your products and services to build confidence that they comply with relevant standards and deliver the functionality your customers expect.

The integration facility and test laboratories we have access to contain switched networks, intelligent networking platforms, transmission networks, access networks, and virtual networks using traditional and leading-edge protocols and technologies.

Product Testing

  • Emissions and environment conformance – managed emissions certification and consultancy service for legislative compliance with EU Directives
  • Functional testing – measuring and evaluating the functionality and usability of products, applications, technology/user interfaces and web sites
  • Simulation and modeling – laboratory testing of products and applications

Network Testing

  • Interoperability – assessment of hardware/software at specified performance levels
  • Performance – testing of networks, systems or applications under various load conditions
  • Conformance – testing to see if new elements can be connected to a network

Business Evaluation

  • Business process – consultancy in key business process areas
  • Technology due diligence – a tailored service for investment, mergers or acquisition
  • Business modeling – business models and technology cost models to support a deeper understanding of political and regulatory trends and business risks