Network Health Checks

One of the most critical and challenging aspects of today’s communication network environments is ensuring that all network services are functioning optimally so that all resources are readily available and are performing as expected.

Many times when problems occur, the symptoms are treated quickly so that services are restored as soon as possible. However, the underlying cause of the problem can still be lingering somewhere waiting to re-surface again at the most inopportune time.

Horsebridge has developed a series of Communication Network Health Checks to help our clients proactively examine the health of various network resources and implement corrective measures.

Tangible and Immediate Value

Horsebridge Communication Network Health Checks are designed to provide tangible and immediate value. Horsebridge believe this is achieved through:

  • Objective, outside experts providing a “fresh” view of your Network
  • Uncovering the causes of lingering problems as opposed to providing work arounds
  • Anticipation of future problems
  • Helping avoid network disaster
  • Realising the benefit of our experience in a multitude of environments

Health Check Objectives

Horsebridge Communication Network Health Checks are designed to be brief, concise, and recurring if necessary to pinpoint specific issues and recommend immediate solutions.

  • Normally two to five days in length – This can lead to longer testing as and if required
  • Focused on a specific network resource
  • Recurring as necessary to ensure continued network health
  • Immediate corrective measures taken, results and recommendations documented