Radio Planning

Horsebridge offers complete radio planning for point to point radio networks to assess network performance and validate customer requirements. Our radio planning covers frequency and antenna selection, location and transmission parameters, diversity requirements, and availability calculations.

To assess potential interference with the planned link and physical deployment requirements, Horsebridge provides customers with on-site surveys, which detail all link specifications and results.

Site Survey

Physical site surveys verify the suitability of proposed installation sites. Our experienced engineers conduct surveys using the most advanced tools available. From the surveys detailed reports that include site specifications, recommendations, and requirements for site preparation are produced.

Site surveys cover:

  • Site location verification
  • Line-of-sight validation
  • Optimal locations for sites
  • Locations for indoor and outdoor units, including antennas
  • Propagation and possible interference conditions
  • Cable layout
  • Site access
  • Site-specific installation requirements