Training Services

At Horsebridge, we provide a complete range of training services covering all aspects of communication technologies. These include: theoretical technology, network design and optimisation, network management, administration, maintenance and operational courses.

We adopt a pragmatic and flexible approach to education. All of our course instructors are practicing consultants with extensive experience of implementing solutions. We believe this combination of subject matter expertise and real world experience allows us to provide leading-edge education across all subject disciplines. Every instructor is accredited before being allowed to teach a course and a continuous monitoring process ensures that every course is both effective and fun.

Leading Edge Training

Our technology training courses are based on generally available information and research. Wherever possible, we seek to avoid referencing to vendor specific material, and hence strive to provide an impartial in depth view. All of our hardware and software training courses are fully supported and verified by the relevant hardware and/or software manufacturer. Working closely with suppliers for information, we develop our own courseware in advance of new product releases.

Training Facilities

Horsebridge’s dedicated training facilities are located at our offices.

Each classroom is fully equipped with comprehensive AV facilities and has been designed to accommodate the optimum number of delegates for workshop exercises and group discussion.
A fully functional test laboratory also supports the training facilities and affords delegates with valuable hands-on experience of using the security solutions or techniques covered during courses.

Course participants all receive comprehensive, take-away documentation that includes full-colour copies and CDROM media containing all course slides and other relevant materials.

In-house Training

Training courses can be held at your own premises. This service affords a number of benefits including:

  • Tailored programmes better able to accommodate specific business requirements
  • Major cost benefits where multiple staff or office locations need to be trained
  • Reduced travel and accommodation costs
  • Enhanced working relationships through group learning techniques
  • More efficient use of employee’s time


Training Needs Analysis

Horsebridge can conduct a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to ensure that the most effective training and development programme is implemented for your organisation. TNA projects can assess organisational or individual employee’s current skills together with identifying specific areas of coaching required to support, say, a new business initiative. It’s a proven approach to realising the benefits of new projects more quickly.

Relevant Role Based Training

Horsebridge use a proven role based training method formulated from an extensive library of course materials. Course content is tailored dependant on the task base of the attending delegates. This is undertaken following pre-delivery consultation with the customer to identify the attendees needs relevant to their role within their organisation. Our aim in undertaking this consultation is to maximise the relevance of the course for each attendee.

Course Delivery

Horsebridge is able to deliver training programmes using a variety of formats including:

  • One-to-one coaching sessions.
  • Corporate education programmes.
  • Hands-on technical training workshops.
  • On-site training.
  • Boardroom briefings.