Viprinet Targets UK with Horsebridge Deal

Jun 11, 2015   //  

In a second “World Exclusive” at BWCS’ WiFi on Train Conference, Train Communications Systems 2015, bandwidth aggregator Viprinet has announced a tie-up with systems integrator Horsebridge Network Systems to help move it into the UK market.

Viprinet who has already deployed its wireless internet connectivity technology with train operators in Italy and France, has appointed Gloucestershire-based communication network and security infrastructure solutions provider Horsebridge Network Systems to spearhead its development of the UK market.

Viprinet CEO Simon Kissel commented, “With proven train operator deployments of our products already successfully in place in Italy and France we are delighted to be working with Horsebridge Network Systems to address the opportunities for operators here to further differentiate their services from other forms of transport by offering fast, reliable internet access to passengers.”

Typically access services used to date suffer frequent disconnections caused by long transmission times, the retransmission of lost packets and going through dead zones. Switching from cell to cell often adds to an already bad user experience.

Viprinet claims its bonding technology which uses patented forward error correction makes it possible to reconstruct lost packets sent over mobile networks rather than resending them. The advantages of this solution over competitive offerings are consistently low transmission times, no disconnections, and no bottlenecks due to retransmissions.

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