Agreement Brings Best-in-Class Network Analytics and DDoS Protection

Published: October 28, 2019
Tags: Analytics DDos kentik

CHELTENHAM 28th October 2019 – Horsebridge are proud to announce a significant addition to our Brimstone™ Operational Support System (OSS).

Today, Horsebridge has become a channel partner of Kentik®, provider of the only AIOps platform specifically for network professionals.

The purpose of our Brimstone™ OSS is to allow our established and fledgling network clients to embrace carrier concepts, practises and technology from day one at entry-level cost. We know this approach is vital to promote end-user satisfaction and greatly reduces the risk of accumulating technical debt in the network. In Kentik, we have cherry picked the best network analytics and denial-of-service (DDoS) protection platform available on the market today. Now our clients can benefit from an integrated operational support environment offering best-in-class, real-time network visibility and crucial protection against DDoS attacks.


We exist to enable Internet Service Providers and Network Operators to focus on what they do best; taking care of their end users. We are passionate about bridging the digital divide in the United Kingdom. Our goal is to help service providers grow and delight their end users by delivering a wide range of engineering and technical support services powered by the industry’s top professionals using the industry’s top tools.

Founded in 2000, Horsebridge provides active network design, build and operational services including; technical support, 24×7 NOC monitoring, network engineering, and customer contact centre for Internet Service Providers and Network Operators throughout the United Kingdom. Over the years Horsebridge has helped to develop several very successful Internet Service Providers and Network Operators, providing us with a unique insight into, not only the engineering methodology but also the commercial and growth challenges currently facing network-based businesses. Our value is simple; exploit our experience and expertise to de-risk your network design, build and operations and smash your commercial targets.

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For businesses running dynamic and complex networks that exceed efficient human operational scale, Kentik® is the provider of the only AIOps platform specifically designed for network professionals. Kentik uniquely unifies diverse data streams across cloud and traditional infrastructure to produce instant insights that accelerate network team efficiency, automate issue resolution, and create new business capabilities. Learn more at