About Network Design, Build, Operate

So we provide network design, build and operate services, but what does using the DBO model mean for you?

It means that you experience all of the benefits of having a best of breed network, taking advantage of our strategic partnerships with organisations such as Huawei; while we take the responsibility for the entire design, deployment and operation of the network.

Picture the traditional approach, you have to organise and manage several contractors, each with their own working methods and end-goals.

Using the design, build, operate model, you have one central point of contact to manage the programme. We create and operate a network that meets all of your business needs, without draining your in-house resources, allowing you to focus on your core business.

We ensure that we understand your full requirements of the network so we can deploy the most suitable solutions that meet your needs of today, and for the future. Get in touch with us today for more information. 

Benefits to Our Clients

  • Single source of responsibility and accountability
  • Reduce the drain on your resources, use our experience and expertise of network systems
  • Benefit from greater efficiencies by taking advantage of our strategic partnerships
  • Reduce complexity by having a single point of contact to coordinate the project
  • Increase your business offering without having to up-skill or bring in expertise from several contractors

Why Horsebridge Networks?

  • ISO accredited
  • Part of the Horsebridge Group
  • Technical understanding of network design, deployment and operation
  • Years of experience providing network solutions to industry leading organisations