What’s in a Name?

We’re occasionally asked where Horsebridge started and whether there’s really a horse or a bridge!

The short answer is, after a fashion, that the company is named after beautiful little spot called Horsebridge.

The longer and (somewhat) more accurate answer takes us on a strange and wonderful tour around the Swiss Alps, Scandinavia, the USA and the early career of our Founder, David O’Connor.

Way back in the 1990’s, when our David was a bright-eyed – youngish – Engineer, he was on the team tasked with designing one of the first SDH Networks in the UK. Knowing that an SSU was an essential component of an SDH Network but not knowing what an SSU was, David went forth to find out. He did not fail and quickly rose to become Development Manager for the Source Synchronisation Unit (SSU).

Meanwhile, at base camp, 2 providers of SDH technologies had been shortlisted; one in Switzerland and one in the USA. David and a colleague set off, passports in hand, to evaluate their solutions. They trotted the globe, (probably) dined on corn dogs or fondue and eventually plumped for Switzerland.

As launch day crept ever closer, a firmware issue with the SSU’s cropped up. David leapt into action – this time via Scandinavia – and averted the looming crisis. Once the solution was delivered and with a new-found entrepreneurial streak and a passion for problem solving, David struck out with his friends to set up their first company.

With every passing year, David’s commitment to independence – of thought, of funding and from the 9-5 – grew and grew. Eventually, at the turn of the millennium, he started the as yet unnamed Horsebridge. But what to call this new venture in a market crammed to the brim with – in our humble opinion – slightly anonymous sounding techy names?

Consulting a friend who specialised in marketing, David learned that the most memorable names are those that conjure up 2 pictures. Quickly discarding some of the more outlandish options – after all, this brand consultation did take place in a pub! – David settled on Horse and Bridge. As well as neatly meeting the optimal requirement for words that encourage us to recall 2 pictures, plus the association with a rather lovely local area, we had a winner and, with that, Horsebridge was named.

We’ve been trading in Cheltenham since 2000 and are proud to be a small, local employer with big ambitions. We provide managed solutions to complex network issues for our customers through our Design, Build, Operate model.