What Happens When the Tap Runs Dry?


We all know we live in a finite world, with ever dwindling resources but have you ever thought about the pending crisis we face in our industry? That’s right; we’re rapidly running out of descriptive broadband marketing terms!

First there was, “Broadband”. Although intended as a generic term for high capacity data communications with the internet, it soon became apparent to those who care about such things that we needed to make a distinction between Broadband and Broadband that wasn’t as slow as Broadband. Before we knew it, “Fast Broadband” was coined.

All was well with the world until someone somewhere associated numbers with names. Fast Broadband was defined as communication speeds up to 25Mbps, which is all every well until you have a faster broadband connection. What do you call that?

Enter, “Superfast Broadband”. We are saved! But unfortunately, our jubilation was short lived when again the term was quantified as greater than 25 Mbps but less than 80 Mbps.

In a very short time the artificial event horizon of 80 Mbps was breached and a new term was required, “Ultrafast Broadband.”

Surely, we can’t make the same mistake again? What’s faster than, “Ultra”? Yes, you’ve guessed it, “Hyperfast Broadband” (500 Mbps – 1 Gbps). Technically, Ultra is better than Hyper but let’s not let facts get in the way of marketing. You may think we are safe; faster than 1 Gbps it’s just not possible, right? Sorry, but you’d be you are wrong – 10 Gbps is just around the corner.

So, what are we going to do?

I implore all broadband marketeers to come together and put an end to this term arms race. Otherwise I can foresee a future like this…



DO’C September 2018