We are proud to share with you how the partnership between Juniper Networks and us at Horsebridge Network Systems has been successfully supporting network changes for a number of our clients.

The partnership has enabled us to provide innovative network solutions, most importantly during a network transition for one of our key clients, a major ISP (Internet Service Provider).

What did we provide?

The exceptional service management capabilities of Horsebridge and the differentiated technical capabilities of Juniper Networks were well combined to deliver a seamless and commercially optimal transition plan.

The Partnership has provided our client with a fully tested network solution which is now deployed within their network. In addition, we secured significant cost savings on the Juniper Networks equipment, license model, and ongoing support, underpinning the realisation of considerable operational cost savings during the next phase of the client’s growth story.

What was the outcome?

Through working together with Juniper Networks, we have met roll-out deadlines and requirements, managed supply chain issues, and implemented a robust project management model. We’ve played a significant role in supporting our client’s vision to bring full-fibre broadband to a wide community across the nation.