Horsebridge Network Systems is delighted to become BT Wholesale’s Elite Partner under the new Partner Plus program launched earlier this year.

As one of only 25 organisations appointed as the Elite Partner, the top tier in the 3-tier programme, Horsebridge is more equipped than ever before with BT Wholesale’s suite of experts and services. We also get access to a great range of benefits, including commercial support, sales and marketing resources, learning tools built by industry experts, and access to exclusive events, all of which will enable us to deliver stronger service to our customers.

Neil Woolerton, Managing Director of Horsebridge, commented:

“BT Wholesale’s partner programme, Partner Plus, will make it simpler for us to do business with BT Wholesale, and give us the support we need to upskill our teams to serve our customers better. The investment in online tools and training will mean that our teams will gain new skills and we hope beacons of best practices in the communications market. We want to continue to support our customers and deliver the best services to them and joining Partner Plus will help us to do so.”